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Refund Policy

$30 Refund Policy

Although we have to charge $30 materials, postage, handling, administration and promotion for the Software for Writers CD, if you decide to buy StyleWriter for your permanent use, we'll deduct the $30 from the full $160 price. When we send you the Evaluation CD, we'll give you a website address where you can enter a code and order a copy for $130.

You'll get the full StyleWriter program, the Dictionary-Thesaurus, the Writer's Outliner, the Typing Tutor, the Calculator and the six Writing Guides. If you decide not to order, you still keep the four free software programs Writing Guides.

USA and Non-EC Prices (USA Dollars):
Full Price of StyleWriter Program
Software for Writers CD
StyleWriter less Refund

UK and EC Prices (Pounds Sterling):
Full Price of StyleWriter Program
£110 + £19.25 VAT = £129.25
Software for Writers CD
£20 + £3.50 VAT = £23.50
StyleWriter less Refund
£90 + £15.75 VAT = £105.75

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