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Software to Edit Your Memos

The US Navy found that writing memos in plain language would save around $300 million a year. Apply StyleWriter's advice to your organization's communications and you will save money and improve efficiency.

Original Memo - before editing with StyleWriter

This typical memo is wordy and passive, with a high average sentence length. Although no sentence is excessively long, (38-26-32 words), the average of 31 is too high for easy reading.

StyleWriter Memo Writing Example - Before

Redrafted Memo - after editing with StyleWriter

StyleWriter's advice and analysis helps us transform the passive and wordy memo into a shorter, more readable document. The redrafted memo uses 27 fewer words than the original without and loss of meaning. A sign of good, effective editing.

StyleWriter Memo Writing Example - After

Great for writing clear and concise memos!

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