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Six Writing Guides

1. Technical Report Writing Guide

This essential guide to writing technical reports contains eighteen easy-to-follow guidelines. There's no reason why technical writing shouldn't be lively and interesting. The real challenge is to express complex ideas simply. Too often technical writing has a flat style making documents difficult and tedious to read.

Whenever you have to write technical information, use the guidelines in this free Writing Guide to Technical Reports.


2. Business Plan Writing Guide

A business plan is an essential document. It should outline exactly what your business is, how and where you will run it, how you are going to finance it, how much it has, or will, earn or lose. It shows the risks and strengths of your business, describes the market, outlines your long-term goals, and sets out the milestones you must reach. In short, it is an accurate and realistic description, usually designed for investors or as a checklist and set of benchmarks to measure and develop your business performance.

Writing a business plan or marketing strategy is difficult for most people. Use this guide to produce a business plan that's interesting and thought-provoking document.


3. Resume Writing Guide

Your resume is your passport in your search for a new or a better career. A high-quality, professionally presented, and well written resume will open doors, put you ahead of the opposition and win you that all-important interview.

Use the 21 guidelines to guarantee you write an effective resume.


4. Cover Letter Writing Guide

A cover letter has one aim: To help you get an interview and so increase your chances of landing that job. It's your opening move and it must make an impact, interest employers in you and place you in the top ten. Remember, the cover letter is there to sell-to sell you by showing what you have to offer the employer. You have to be positive, outgoing, confident and assured.

Follow these guidelines to write a successful cover letter.


5. Essay Writing Guide

To write A-Grade essays, you need a thorough knowledge of the subject and you must marshal, argue and clearly present your information to answer the question set.

Use this step-by-step guide to researching and writing essays to guarantee you write an A-Grade essay.


6. Letter Writing Guide

Millions of us write letters as part of our work but few of us know the keys to an effective business letter. Too many business letters are impersonal, longwinded and difficult or tedious to read. Most writers hide behind tired phrases and an over-formal approach when writing business letters.

A good letter should be effortless reading that makes you want to read more. It should be clear and concise, with short sentences and simple words. It should keep to the facts and be easy to read and to understand.

Follow the simple advice in the letter writing guide to make your letters come alive and get across your message.


All six guides are yours to keep when you order the Software for Writers CD!

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