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  The Agency cannot meet this additional work primarily because it comes at a time when a 15 percent reduction is faced in budget resources, and no growth is being considered.       The Agency cannot meet this extra work because we face a 15 percent cut in our budget and we cannot consider any growth.  
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  When the electricity supply is cut off, it causes a power surge to be put in the circuit and this can lead to a loss of data being suffered in the financial data that has been collected by the company.       If the electricity supply fails, a power surge can lead to a loss of the company's financial data.  
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  Should you be involved in an accident while the vehicle is in your possession, it is necessary that you to indicate the damage on the appropriate place on the claims form.
      If you have an accident, please show the extent of the damage on page 12 of the claims form.  
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Our professional fees are based upon the degree of responsibility, the skill involved and the amount of time required to complete the engagement. Such fees are based on various standard charges and reflect different categories of personal.

In the assessment of the engagement, your Company's recruitment policy "has been taken into consideration as well as allowing for on the job training to be provided to employees who have been selected. This training would be provided initially by the supervision of your staff by our professional consultants."

It is appreciated that we have been invited to submit our quotation for the provision of proper staff training resources to enhance the management skills of your Company. Should you require any clarification on any aspect of our proposal please do not hesitate to contact our head office so that our salesman for your district can make an appointment to call on you.


Our professional fees depend on the responsibility, skill and time needed to complete the engagement. Such fees reflect our standard charges for different categories of personnel.

We have assessed your company's recruitment policy and allowed for on-the-job training to selected employees. At first, our consultants would supervise all training.

We appreciate your invitation to quote on training your staff in improved management skills. If you need more information on our proposal, please contact our head office and our sales representative will arrange to call on you.

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