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StyleWriter SoftwareTo write A-Grade essays, you need a thorough knowledge of the subject, must marshal, argue and present your information to answer the question set and communicate clearly. With hard work you can research the information and answer the question set. But to gain the coveted A-Grade you must communicate clearly. Most students fail to write clearly.

I strongly recommend you take a look at the StyleWriter demonstration. You will not find a better tool to make you a good essay writer and gain that all-important A-Grade.

Example of how StyleWriter works

Here is an original paragraph of one of my own essays:

For their surface area, insects weigh very little. A beetle, falling from a high altitude, quickly achieves terminal velocity: air resistance prevents it from falling very fast, and, after alighting on the ground, it will walk away, apparently none the worse for the experience. The same is true of small mammals squirrels, say. A mouse can be dropped down a thousand-foot mine shaft and, if the ground is soft, will arrive dazed but essentially unhurt. By contrast, human beings are characteristically maimed or killed by any fall of more than a few feet: because of our size, we weigh too much for our surface area. Therefore, our arboreal ancestors had to pay attention. Any error in brachiating from branch to branch could be fatal. Every leap was an opportunity for evolution. Powerful selective forces were at work to evolve primates with grace and agility, accurate hand coordination, and an intuitive grasp of Newtonian gravitation. But each of these skills required significant advances in the evolution of the brains and particularly the neocortices of our ancestors. Human intelligence is fundamentally indebted to the millions of years our ancestors spent aloft in trees.

The original has good style, excellent information and good use of specific examples and analogies. Click here or on the Next Page link to see the StyleWriter demonstration.

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