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Tips on writing that all-important A-grade college essay

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Use examples in your essay to explain difficult points

Good writing uses specific information the reader can picture. Drawing examples, illustrations or analogies into your essay writing makes it more interesting, readable and stylish. Look at the following paragraph.


For their surface area, insects weigh very little. A beetle, falling from a high altitude, quickly achieves terminal velocity: air resistance prevents it from falling very fast, and, after alighting on the ground, it will walk away, apparently none the worse for the experience. The same is true of small mammals. A mouse can be dropped down a thousand-foot mine shaft and, if the ground is soft, will arrive dazed but essentially unhurt.

The specific and visual examples of a beetle falling to the ground or a mouse dropped down a thousand-foot mine shaft conjure up vivid pictures in the readers mind. This is the opposite style to so much academic writing. Use examples to explain difficult information, abstract ideas and theories. Youll soon see power they have to make your essay stand out as a model of clarity and clear thinking.




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