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Tips on writing that all-important A-grade essay


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Writing Essay Tips
The Five Paragraphed Essay
Kimberly Chapman's How to Write an Essay
Nuts and Bolts of Essay Writing
Writing Argumentative Essays
Zachary's How to Write and Essay
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Constructing Your Research Paper
Brock University Essay Writing Help
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A Guide to Writing a Basic Essay
Writing Argumentative Essays
Essay Writing Tutor
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a directory of colleges, career schools, and universities independently researched and categorized. The site is useful for prospective students who are trying to decide which school they should attend.

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Guide on How to Write University Essays and Dissertations

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Plaigarism and Citing in Essays
Avoiding Plagiarism
What is Plagiarism
Anti-Plagiarism Stategies for Teachers
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Essay Know your Essay Subject
Essay Structure your Essay to Help your Reader
Essay Answer the Essay Question
Essay Show your Analytical Skills
Essay Write in a Clear Style
Use active verbs
Keep your sentence length under control
Use simple words
Avoid jjargon
Avoid abstract terms
Keep abbreviations under control
Avoid Padding
Use topic sentences
Link your ideas and paragraphs
Use examples to explain difficult points
Use quotations in your writing
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Essay StyleWriter editing software
StyleWriter Demonstration
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